Soupy rice with Lobster


NOTE: It is recommended that the lobster is alive, that it moves and in this situation open it from top to bottom. Separate the head from the legs and the tail and spread it in 4 pieces. Liver reserve.

Pass the lobster through the pan. When it takes a deep red color, remove it. Make the sauté with the onion and the small chopped garlic. Pour the chopped squid into small dice. With little fire making the sauté. Half done, throw the tomato.

Once well prepared, add the rice and fry the rice a little in the pan. Pour the broth well hot (double what you will make in a normal rice 16 full spoons). Then make a "picada" with the ingredients that are detailed and pull it inside the rice. At 15 minutes try the consistency of the rice, which is covered as the broth is not seen. The rice should be to "dente", avoid it is overcooked.

Serve and eat with a spoon. You will see how good it is!.

To make the "Picada"

We will put in a mortar the ingredients listed in the recipe and crushed all, adding a little juice from the pan, until a fairly thick sauce.