Squid stuffed with fish


In a frying pan with oil, we cook the prawns a little. We remove them and let them cool. We peel them and keep the heads and shells.

Then we cook the monkfish a little. We remove it and crush it. Next we cook the legs of the squid and remove them.

We boil the eggs. We peel and chop them. We put everything together, legs, monkfish and eggs, and crush it in the blender. It is not necessary to be very crushed.

The prawns should be chopped into small pieces so they can be found when eating the stuffing.

In the same pan add the finely chopped onions and garlic. Once cooked, we throw the crushed and cook a little, not much. Allow to cool before filling the squid.

Fill the squid, with a spoon, making sure they are not too tight to prevent bursting. We close them with some chopsticks. We pass them through flour and fry them. We remove them and put them in a pan.

Aside, we will have prepared a sauce, with the surplus of the stuffing, with the onion and the tomatoes, that we will make to the casserole where we have the squids. We cook it for half an hour. Towards the end, we add the mussels and clams.