I will tell you how to make these canapés and then your imagination will make you create different varieties.

We spread a sheet of plastic wrap, if possible, on slightly damp marble so that it does not skid and and on top we put slices of sweet ham that cover a surface of 4 slices of bread.

On top of the ham we put 4 slices of mold bread, trying to mount the inside ends half a centimeter, so that when passing a pastry roll over the inside ends are as welded.


We roll a rolling pin over the sliced bread, making a single surface. Spread the bread with pate and put on one sido a row of olives cut in half.


Now comes the most delicate procedure. We take the plastic wrap on one side and we go rolling, until forming like a sausage. Then we take the ends and we go around so that everything is well compacted. We must ensure that the ends are well tensed.


We will put it in the fridge for at least 6 hours, if they can be more better.

Having been in the fridge, will be quite compact and then it's time to make the canapés. Let's undo the sausage and make cuts of about 2 cm.

Then it is distributed on some cardboard trays and put on top, to decorate them, pieces of cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower in vinegar, nuts, etc. I leave it at your choice and pleasure.

This is a variety, with others you can use cream cheese, another type of sausage, mayonnaise, this I leave to your free imagination. To wrap, also very good crepe pasta.