Gormanta snails with black sausage


First, the snails must be well cleaned. If they are from a farm, let them soak for a long time, changing the water several times, so that they come out of the shell. If you are going to catch them yourself, it takes more dedication to clean them. I bought them from the farm, and they were very tasty.

Put a saucepan with plenty of oil, the whole and peeled garlic, the thyme and the snails. All this cold. Light the fire, and over a low heat, stir them often, until they die out of the shell.

Give more strength to the fire and add the chopped sausage, the cognac and the breadcrumbs. Do not stop stirring until you see that the garlic has disappeared.

Throw in breadcrumbs that will make the snails well spread and with a crunchy touch.

You will be fed up with licking them and dipping bread.

It's how I like them the most. Hey ... me! They left the book of tastes blank.