Rabbit with Prawns


Put oil in a casserole and lightly cook the rabbit, made in eighths. Remove it. Do the same with the prawns, little cooked, and remove them.

Then put the grated onion and chopped garlic. After a while, we put the tomato and the spicy red pepper. When the sauté is well done, we put the rabbit. Cook about 5 minutes and pour the fish broth.

Let it simmer until the rabbit is soft. Then put the prawns. After five more minutes, close the fire.

NOTE: The juice should be a bit consistent. If it is very liquid, add a little flour. So that the juice does not remain lumpy, put milk in a cup of coffee, one or two teaspoons of flour and it is stirred well mixed to avoid the lumps. Pour in the casserole and let it boil for 5 minutes more.