Rabbit with juice


Chop a rabbit, put it in a pan and roast a little. Then remove from heat and keep.

Grate the onion and crushed garlicput them into the pan with the same oil that has been roasted rabbit. When it well browned add the grated tomato and with little fire get a good sofrito.

Add the rabbit, to the sofrito. Cloves of Garlic, ginger and rosemary. Cook for about 10 minutes, add water until it covers the sauce and add a bouillon cube of meat. Then add the mushrooms to sauce.

We will make a "Picada", with the ingredients listed and is added to the pan a few minutes before cooking is ended.

To make the "Picada"

We will put in a mortar the ingredients listed in the recipe and crushed all, adding a little juice from the pan, until a fairly thick sauce.