In a pan cook the onion (grated) and the chopped garlic, add the cuttlefish, then the tomato and let cook slowly into the desired texture. Save.

In a rice pan with a good amount of oil, pour the noodles and passing them until golden brown. It should be toasted. Separate the noodles of the oil through a sieve. The oil can be saved for other times.

Put back the noodles in the pan and pour the fish broth that will have boiling. Add the sofrito that you will have reserved and let live fire cooking is done. Let stand about 5 minutes and serve. If you have done it correctly you will see that most noodles are upstanding.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the quality of the broth is the success of a good fideua. I therefore recommend that prepares thoroughly, if possible, with rockfish making a sofrito with half an onion, a tomato, green bell pepper half, and some tips celery. You should boil 30 to 45 minutes.