Noodles with Seafood


In a pan with oil, cook the shrimp and crawfish and so they brown, remove and reserve.

In the same oil fry the onion and garlic, then pour the sauce and cuttlefish. Simmer slowly for braising fish.

Prepare the broth and we'll throw to the casserole. Besides we will have brought the heads of the prawns. We'll put it in a pot to crush it. Add a splash of brandy and a splash of broth. Crush and pass the juice through a thick strainer, pouring to the casserole. Salt and pepper carefully.

Leave medium heat about 10 minutes and then add the noodles. Ten minutes over high heat and bring it down to medium intensity until cooked noodles.

Ten minutes before, we add the shrimp and clams and toward the end of cooking langoustines.