Macaroni with seafood


Put the clams in water to expel the sand (if any). Also clean the mussels. The cuttlefish, once clean, we save the sauce or liver and we cut it in dice.

Cook the macaroni, in a saucepan, putting salt, a stream of oil and leave them al dente. Strain the macaroni, pour some cold water and reserve.

In another casserole, stir-fry the onion, the garlic and the tomato. All well cooked and simmered. Lightly cook the prawns and remove them. We will introduce, in the stir-fried, the sepia with the sauce and we will cook it during 10 minutes on moderate fire. We will open the steamed mussels and save some juice.

Then we will put the mussels and the clams inside the casserole. Add the brandy and leave it 5 minutes to lose the alcohol. Add a little juice of the mussels and the broth. Not all because this macaroni should be left with very little juice, rather creamy.

You will like them.