Duck Magret with Pears and Sloes


Take the pears, peel, core and cut them into 4 pieces. In the pan we put a little oil and the pieces of pear. We cook them a little and add the muscatel wine, sugar and honey. We will cook it for about 20 minutes and store it.

We take the magrets and we make some square cuts, on the fat part, that only exceed it. We put them in a griddle or pan, without oil. First for the fat part 6 to 8 minutes until golden brown. Then we rotate them for 3 or 4 minutes. The oil that will come off we have to separate it, so that the oily meat is not left.

Once cooked, cut the magret with about 1.5 cm cuts and distribute them on the plates of the guests. We will water it one with a little of the oil that we will have separated when cooking. Add the pears and blueberries over the magret cuts, also trying to water them a little with the juice.

The meat should be a little raw inside and crispy on the outside.