Cut the meat into medallions about 2cms. thick at 3 per person. In a nonstick pan put a drop of oil and when hot put the meat and take care that it is undercooked.

Take 3 slices of toasts, and put a piece of meat in each. After placing a spoonful of sauce on top, a different sauce on each piece.

to serve...

Keep in mind that when you have tasted a piece of each piece, you will have already gotten an extraordinary blend of sauces. Bon Appetite !!

Preparation of sauces

In Green Pepper sauce

Put in a pan a good piece of butter and once shattered, add the cream and green peppercorns. Cook slowly until the sauce is thick enough.

In Roquefort sauce

Same procedure. Add the cheese and stir until shattered, maintain low heat until thicken.

In tarragon sauce

Put butter in the pan, then a splash of red wine, milk cream and tarragon finally, simmer until desired texture.