Sliced Bread Cake


Place a base of 4 slices bread (sandwich loaves). Spread butter on the slices and cover them with pieces of smoked salmon. Over the smoked salmon put 4 more slices of sandwich loaves, cutting one of the slices in to be placed at the edges of the cake.

On the second layer, placed curly endives or lettuce mixed with tuna fish, dropping some oil from the tuna cane. Next, we’re prepared to make the third layer with 4 more slices of bread.

To decorate the cake, cover the whole cake with mayonnaise and place the pepper red strips (sides), anchovies (diagonally) and the olives (halved) between the anchovies and the pepper red.

Thus, I usually do, but the garnish can be made according to your taste and creativity. The most important thing is to follow the order of bread slices.