Iced Cookie cake


Cover the mold with the paper for cooking so that you can unmold more easily. Put the wine in a bowl and go wetting the cookies and covering the bottom of the mold.

Then we alternate a layer of cream and one with cookies, until the mold is full.

Once finished, place it in the freezer until it is compact, like ice cream.

When it is very cold, take it out of the fridge and turn it on a tray to take out the paper that will surely have been a little stuck. You will have everything in sight and can make the partitions better.

Pour the cream over as decoration.

We add a splash of Orujo on top of the ration. You can also put whiskey, or without alcohol to everyone's taste.

Note: You can make the cream yourself, but I made it with a dozen custard from the Supermarket. Also the mold indicated that of "Plum Cake", because it is tall and so can make more floors.