Stuffed Potatoes


The potatoes were halved, from end to end. Once halved make marks with the knife, shallow and put them to the fryer until almost cooked. Let cool.

Then, one by one, drain the potatoes with a small spoon so that they are like a boat, half a centimeter thick. Save the potato pieces that will have drained.

Meanwhile we will have prepared in a pan, oil, butter and chopped onion. Then add the minced meat, then botifarra. Add the potato pieces we have separated. We will incorporate gradually milk cream until a smooth paste. Add salt and pepper and save.

With this stuffing fill the potatoes boats leaving overflowing. We distribute them on a baking sheet. We will put up a good spoonful of bechamel (somewhat thick) which will have mixed the egg yolk, beaten and a pinch of cinnamon. After a good pinch of grated cheese. Gratinating with oven to 200 degrees until cheese has browned.

We recommend distributing three pieces per head, because it is a very filling meal. You can always add some more for those who are good gormands.