The New Year Fish



Take a nonstick pan, put a little oil and when hot put the sea bass fillets, spiced. It should not cook much, but the pan must be very hot, and must be marked on both sides.

In another pan, put a good piece of butter and mushrooms. When they are cooked, pour the cream. Cook all together for 10 minutes.

Add salt and pepper. Pour into a pot and crush it.

Return the crushed into the fire and seek a consistency (like dough to make croquettes). Turn off heat and save.

Try the pastry giving the size you want. With a roller or by cutting if the size is exceeded.


On each of 4 plaques put the sea bass. over sea bass put a good tablespoon mushroom pasta and cover with strips of salmon.

Take the remaining 4 plaques and use them as tops.

Brush the edges of the base plaques and put together the tops.

With a sharp knife or a pasta cutter, shaping fish and then with the tip of a fork, press edges to not separate when cooked.

With bits of puff pastry can form the eyes and gills.

Having prepared the oven to 180 degrees, insert a tray in the oven with fish smeared with beaten egg and in the course of half an hour may take the oven golden brown.


At the base of the trays put silver paper and thus can more easily get fish once cooked.