Baked Trotters


To shorten the time, if you do not want to cook pig's trotters, you can use cooked.

Scratch the onions very thin. Take a tray and anoint it with oil, make a bed with onion and arrange the feet always with the bark upside down.

Chop the garlic, the almonds and add the broth in the mortar. Do not put all the broth, it should be something pasty (in any case, to thicken, you can use bread crumbs).

Take the chopped and spread it on the feet. Put bread crumbs on top, to gratinate (I also put some grated cheese). Put the tomatoes in quarters and pour over a little broth. Put in the oven at 200ยบ, fire up and down and try to brown to the maximum.

It can be accompanied with diced French fries.