Chicken with natural pineapple


Cut the pineapple into medium dice and leave it on a plate. Take advantage of all the juice that pineapple makes.

Cut the chicken in eighths and cook it in a pan with lard. Brown the chicken a little and remove it.

In the pan, if we see that there is little oil, add olive oil, pour the grated onion and the garlic well chopped. We also add the carrot in very small cubes and after a while the tomato.

As soon as everything is well cooked, put back the chicken and a glass of wine. Let the wine evaporate and pour a glass of water. Watch the cooking and if you see that it is getting dry add a few tablespoons of water. Should be a bit juicy.

Half-cooked, add the pineapple and juice that has been produced. Let it cook over medium heat until the meat is tender.

You can serve it. I recommend a wine Verdejo.