Octopus style Fisherman


In a large pot boil enough water to cover the octopus. Then boil, grab the octopus to the bag and insert (removable) 3 times inside the pot and add the bay leaves. Cooking may last less than one hour.

In another pot boil the potatoes with skin, good clean with enough salt. Once cooked, peel them and cut them into slices. We will take a large tray and we will be distributing the potato slices and hope that the octopus is cooked.

We will split the octopus and we will be putting up the potatoes and put salt. Once we have prepared, we will take the "All i oli" and we will spread it over covering pop and chips.

CURIOSITY: So prepare this dish fishermen on the boat, however, the octopus rather than having it frozen, they explain that they beat him 33 times on the floor of the boat.

All i oli

It can be handmade, but should have done more successfully once. I advise you to become less traditional in the way set out below.

Put in a pot 3 garlic with an egg white and yolk and a splash of oil to cover it. Insert the crusher to the bottom and try never to separate while the sauce has not caught consistency. There you go adding oil slowly until the desired amount