Marinated Anchovies


NOTE: We will not make a ration for certain diners, we must make enough to eat as an entree.

The preparation does not have any secrets, more or less everyone has made, some day marinated anchovies, but we will comment. What is homegrown is the sauce that we will add to serving them.

Take the anchovy, we open it from top to bottom taking out the gut and thorns. So does my fishmonger (if you ask your fishmonger to do it, it will get you a lot of work). Once opened and clean of thorn and gut, place them on paper, side by side, salt wisely and pour vinegar on top. Then place another layer on top, crossed with the bottom ones and then do the same operation, salt and vinegar. Do so in succession until you finish with all the ones you want to prepare. Put the taperware in the fridge, covered.

When serving the anchovies water well generously with the sauce and serve. You'll wet the bread, for sure.

Preparation of sauce

We take the garlic and grate it in a grater, until they are very fine. In a frying pan put the garlic, a couple of tablespoons of tomatoes and parsley. Let it cool and put it in a mortar. Chop a little with the mortar hand while we are adding oil (a good amount). Then put a good stream of wine vinegar.