Beef Tripe and Head - "Callos"


Cut in pieces diced tripe and head. Onion, garlic and tomato into small pieces, minced or grated. Bacon and pork also diced.

In a casserole pour a splash of oil, onion, garlic and diced ham. Once golden add the pork and bacon. Add the grated tomato and we will cook for about 15 minutes.

Then will the gut and calf's head. We'll cook for about 20 minutes. Then we will put chillies and pour the broth, cover up.

Add salt and a teaspoon of coffee. Let cook slowly, low heat, until the gut and the head is almost cooked. Then we put the garlic sausage into small pieces until the gut and head are well soft.

Naturally, it is a slightly spicy and juicy dish, there eat enough bread.