Veal tail


Ask the Butcher to prepare the veal tail, slicing it. Salt, worsen, and flour the tail pieces. Fry with plenty of oil and brown the cuts. save

With the same oil, pass all the vegetables made into small pieces and saute them well. Then add the pieces of glue and cook for a while. Pour the wine and let it cook for at least an hour. If you lose a lot of juice, pour a few tablespoons of water.

When you see that the meat begins to be a little soft, remove the cuts and blend the vegetables and juice. We sneak it in and we get it back into the pot again. Add the tail slices and cook again at least 1 more hour over low heat (The tail has a long cooking).

Towards the end add the chocolate, grated and let it finish cooking.

It is very soft and tasty is an exquisite meat.