Pig's cheeks to Pedro Ximénez


Season with salt and pepper the cheeks. Pass through flour and cook in a frying pan with little oil. Once golden, separate and store.

To the oil with which we have fried the cheeks we will add the grated onion and the chopped garlic, trying to make a good sofrito. Then add the tomato. Once made the sofrito, we incorporate the wine "Pedro Ximénez" and we do reduce it a lot. Add the cheeks and then the chicken broth.

Over low heat, we cook the cheeks with the sofrito. The juice should be a bit consistent. Keep in mind that, as you have already incorporated flour on the cheeks, it will surely give you consistency. If at the end you see that it is too clear, you put some flour by first undoing it in a glass of water.

This juice is somewhat sweet due to the wine, but who likes the bittersweet food there will enjoy.

Bon Appetite.