Sea amn Mountain Paella


Clean and cut the squid into small pieces. Mash the garlic and squid along with cast them into the pan, simmer until a good cooking.

Besides you will have made a fish broth. Broth, you can do it with a fish broth or bouillon cube. When boiling, blanch the black sausage. Once scalded, remove the skin and return the sausage to boil stirring broth that you will do to make it all to pieces as small as possible.

Add to the pan 400 grams of rice with little fire and stir a while, making sure the rice does not catch to the pellet. We intensify the fire and add the boiling broth amount of 10 tablespoons to get a good texture. Salt and pepper and let the fire until dry, without juice.

Let stand 5 minutes and serve.