Paella with piglet's head


NOTA: Normally, at Christmas, I buy a piglet and I make the butcher cut it into pieces. We keep the piglet in pieces in the freezer (rib, thighs, shoulders and head). I made this paella using the head of the piglet that I had frozen and so I consider that maybe it will be difficult to buy a head separately.

Separate the meat from the bone of the head and make small pieces. Bring the mushrooms to soak for at least half an hour. Make a sofrito in the following order: onion, garlic (well crushed), the tocinillo and finally the tomato. Try to do it slowly and well candied.

Prepare a broth previously, which can be made with broth tablet.

Before pouring the broth to the sofrito, we will add the mushrooms well drained, saving some of the water in which they were in soaking.

Pass the rice a little for the sofrito and throw 9 tablespoons of hot broth in the pan. At first on strong fire and towards the end of the cooking we will lower the intensity of the fire.

Before serving let stand the pan for about 5 minutes.