Black Peas with tender garlic and black sausage

NOTE: The black pea is a legume that many will not know, can be found in any store specializing in vegetable sales.

Put the peas in a soak for at least twelve hours, with a good handful of salt.

Discard the water and drain the peas, passing them a little through the jet stream, to remove excess salt.

Put the peas in a pot with enough mineral water to cover them 3 or 4 cms. Add a whole onion and the ham bone. Put the pot on the fire always trying, that during the cooking, go boiling slowly. You will also have to remove the foam that is produced. Cooking will last about two hours. This legume costs a little to cook..

Once the peas are cooked, leave them to rest a little with the pot covered and drain all the juice.

In a frying pan we will put the tender garlic chopped and when it is half cooked, add the black sausage mashed. Cook a little with the garlic and add the peas. Cook for about five minutes so that they are amalgamated with garlic and black sausage.

As a vegetable, it fill up a little, but it tastes different from the others. We liked it a lot.