Trotters with crayfish


Put a casserole on the fire (if it can be made of mud, better). Put oil and lightly cook the prawns. Remove and reserve.

Put the onion and garlic all finely chopped. Once the onion is golden, put a teaspoon of the spicy red peppers and the tomato. Let cook 5 minutes.

Add the trotters. Sauté a little and then add the wine. After about 5 minutes the alcohol will have evaporated, add the broth until almost cover the trotters.

Slowly, for about 40 minutes and with the casserole covered, we will wait for the feet to be very soft and then we take the "Picada". At the end, so that they are not overcooked, we will throw the crayfish 10 minutes before turning off the fire.

Bon Appetite!

To make the "Picada"

We will put in a mortar the ingredients listed in the recipe and crushed all, adding a little juice from the pan, until a fairly thick sauce.