In a mortar, crush the garlic, mix a few tablespoons of butter and spread with a brush parts has to cook. Ad salt and pepper and put in a tray so that the skin is down. Start the oven to 200 degrees and after half an hour it down to 180.

Go monitoring the cooking and if it has little juice add a little water. Go over pulling juice occasionally.

As you see above is well toasted, we turn the pieces and up the oven to 200 degrees, so the skin of piglet is well crispy.

NOTE: At home,on San Esteban, we usually get a whole piglet but we distribute it so that we do all the ribs fried in egg batter and breadcrumbs. The rest, shoulders, thighs and head, freeze it and keep it to do baked in a family celebration. Here we only explain how to do these pieces.